Blackboards, chalks, sponges, tables, desks, chairs, bells, classrooms used to be synonymous with education. Not anymore. The recent pandemic exposed the low digital readiness of most educational systems. VET educators need to have digital competences to lead their classes in physical but also in online environments. 

The purpose of this course is to facilitate the acquisition of basic digital skills that can empower educators to provide 21st century skills taking into account technological, and pedagogical aspects.

The course is designed to support the development of e-learning skills of VET educators and increasing their digital readiness and contains the following modules:

  1. Microsoft Word Basics for Teaching

  2. Microsoft PowerPoint Basics for Teaching

General description

The course is aiming to introduce trainers into the main practices of creating and using documents and presentations for online teaching. Good knowledge of these practices is an essential prerequisite for successful online teaching. Upon completion of the course, educators will be able to use effectively Microsoft Word and PowerPoint executing basic tasks. 

The course will address the raised need of well-prepared VET educators to enrich their digital competences and readiness for online teaching for successful employee empowerment with skills corresponding to the new reality and the demanding requirements of the working environment.

Learning outcomes

  1. Ability to create documents and presentations

  2. Ability to use different views of documents and presentations

  3. Ability to format text and slides

  4. Ability to insert and format images