General description

The course is aiming to introduce the students into the main concepts of pollution and climate change, including the pollutants, the sources, the effects as well as preventive measures that can reduce these phenomena and their negative effects. Good knowledge of these concepts is an essential prerequisite for successful sustainable business development.

Any human action that is not planned in a sustainable way can lead to pollution. Some forms of pollution are obvious and can be observed with naked eyes whereas some other forms are not that obvious and thus, they can be even more dangerous than the obvious ones. 

Many forms of pollution exist on earth for many years. Some of them have been cured whereas others still exist. New forms of pollution continue to appear as economic growth continues to be based on non-sustainable methods. In this course, the students will learn from the past, will understand the present situation, and identify potential problems for the future.  

The course will address the raised need of well-prepared VET educators that could transform their expertise and knowledge for successful employees empowered with skills corresponding to the new reality and the demanding requirements of the working environment.

Learning outcomes

1. Knowledge of the terminology regarding pollution and climate change

2. Ability to identify the main pollutants, their sources, and their effects 

3. Knowledge of the main preventive measures

4. Ability to explain past incidents of pollution, to understand the present situation, and to identify future potential problems.

5. Ability to identify actions and their effects on pollution and climate change